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Danube - Black Sea Innovation Forum

Când: 22.05.2014 – 23.05.2014

Unde: Bucureşti

Promoting a SMART Entrepreneurship in the context of INNOVATION for the Danube – Black Sea Region
At the recommendation of the European Commission, EUROLINK - House of Europe Foundation, which coordinates in Romania the Platform of Local Communities along the Danube River (CLDR), has organized, since 2011, the European Maritime Day in Romania. In 2014, we plan to organize this annual Danube-Black Sea Innovation Forum in the light of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, in order to better tackle the common problems of our confluence area between Danube River, Danube Delta and the Black Sea coast.

The 4th edition of the Danube-Black Sea Innovation Forum will take place in Bucharest – Romania, in the period 22-23 May 2014, and it is an international stakeholders' event, opened to participants from all EUSDR countries. The main topic of the Forum is: "Promoting a SMART Entrepreneurship in the context of INNOVATION for the Danube - Black Sea Region". In this respect, we will focus on the good practices in the field of entrepreneurial education, but also on establishing, through a special Project Market Place, new partnerships, networks and projects consortia, in order to be supported and advanced to main EUSDR decision makers/priority area coordinators.

Also, the public or private organizations, institutions and companies promoting specific projects and initiatives in order to find complementary funding and international partners could enjoy of the possibility to participate to the International Competition for the Trophy "Black Sea - Danubian Social & Economic Innovator" – 2014.

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1sXkkOi


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