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DTP seminar for EUSDR Priority Area Coordinators

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 24.01.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2wY6B3j

DTP Communication training

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 26.01.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2qw6VYo

PA 5 Steering Group meeting

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 27.01.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2E90kF4


Kick-off Event DAPhNE – Danube Port Network project

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 20.02.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2yrijXa

Meeting of EUSDR National Coordinators

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 23.02.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2qt8NkD


Donausalon Tourism Event

Unde: Berlin, Germania

Când: 09.03.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2gIoJId

Meeting of Transport Coordinators of the all four EU macro-regional strategies

Unde: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Când: 15.03.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2zq5T0t


4th Business Conference “Transport & Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region – TIL 2017

Unde: Belgrade, Serbia

Când: 05.04.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2ymgU4Z

DARLINGe – Danube Region Leading Geothermal Energy – project kick-off meeting

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 10.04.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2kQ8zB8

Kick-Off Meeting of the Interreg project “Danube Culture Platform – Creative Spaces of the 21st Century”

Unde: Viena, Austria

Când: 20.04.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2ylj2u3


Workshop for improved horizontal exchange between Priority Areas of the EUSDR

Unde: Viena, Austria

Când: 03.05.2017 – 04.05.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2xI8mpH

Third Meeting of the ESF Managing Authorities in the Danube Region

Unde: Viena, Austria

Când: 04.05.2017-05.05.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2xIObmx

JRC Workshop on the Role of Science/ Technology Parks and Incubators in Innovation Ecosystems - Promoting Technology Transfer and Innovation

Unde: Thessaloniki, Greece

Când: 23.05.2017 – 24.05.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2yoBzD5

Seminar on the ’Future of macro regional strategies in the EU post 2020’

Unde: Bruxelles, Belgium

Când: 23.05.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2gIr2el

“Participatory Approaches and Danube Region Strategy – National Participation Day in the Czech Republic” Conference

Unde: Praga, Republica Ceha

Când: 30.05.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2EbDDjt

Danube Region Strategy Seminars: "DRS Energy Prospects Post-2020"

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 31.05.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2m10k3j


Open Data Conference Brussels

Unde: Brussels, Beglium

Când: 14.06.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2gIBlPF

EU Strategy for Danube Region and the Western Balkans

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 27.06.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2yN7DDF


14th PA2 Steering Group Meeting

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 13.07.2017



DTP Seed Money Facility - Official Launching Conference

Unde: Viena, Austria

Când: 27.09.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2ypbdkw


6th Annual Forum of the EUSDR

Unde: Budapesta, Ungaria

Când: 18.10.2017

Detalii: http://bit.ly/2Aw19p8


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