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Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Information Day

Când: 02/02/2015

Unde: Charlemagne building, Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1CIc6zw


How to go about Responsible Research and Innovation-Social Sciences and Humanities in ICT-related areas of Work Programme 2016-2017?

Când: 02/02/2015-03/02/2015

Unde: 25 Beaulieu avenue, Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/15EG78q


European Multistakeholder Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility

Când: 03/02/2015-04/02/2015

Unde: Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1BqglyP


Challenges for the New Cohesion Policy 2014-2020: An Academic and Policy Debate

Când: 04/02/2015-06/02/2015

Unde: University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1uWDjQi

 dda doc m7d378c53

YFactor: where is [y]our future? Putting youth on the EU agenda

Când: 05/02/2015

Unde: Committee of the Regions (rooms JDE 51 - JDE 52 - JDE 53), Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1waUDdR


The Commission publishes Winter European Economic Forecast

Când: 05/02/2015

Unde: Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/15GEtTw


Ninth meeting of the Network of public finance economists in public administration_network

Când: 10/02/2015

Unde: Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1ENaMwx

dda doc m49c709c4

Destination Europe’ Conference

Când: 12/02/2015

Unde: San Jose, California, USA

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1LdTYn1

 dda doc m145daae5

Information Day & Brokerage event on Horizon 2020 – Smart Cities and Communities 2015 Work Programme

Când: 12/02/2015

Unde: Charlemagne building, Brussels

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1AEm1qV

 dda doc m552beb7f

Seminar on European Competition Law for National Judges: Competition Economics for Judges

Când: 19/02/2015- 21/02/2015

Unde: Budapest, Hungary

Detalii: http://bit.ly/15EImIS

 dda doc 73322f7b

Shale gas in a low-carbon Europe: the role of research

Când: 23/02/2015

Unde: Budapest, Hungary

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1wi4Sxe

 dda doc m2f49cd54

New Narratives for Innovation

Când: 26/02/2015- 27/02/2015

Unde: Brussels, Belgium

Detalii: http://bit.ly/1znWhAV

 dda doc 216cae0f

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